Do your Skin a Favour


‘Rosewater Wrap & Nap.’

Most of us North Americans consider ‘skin care’ as the décolleté upwards to include the face but in actual fact the skin is our largest organ of the body.  It is our protection and defence that we need to assist by detoxifying our cells of the entire body.

I therefore wanted to create & write a protocol that would in fact do just that but also engage the senses.  In this treatment you will feel the warmth of our rose clay mud.  Listen to the sound of the gentle waterfall dancing over your body.  Engage in total relaxation as your aesthetician applies long strokes of effleurage. 


Our signature Body Treatment and the most luxuriant of spa therapies. We begin with a total body exfoliation. A rich coating of European Rose Mud is applied to decongest and detoxify. Once you are cocooned in warmth, the experience continues with a relaxing mini-facial and scalp treatment. The ultimate body treatment from head to toe!

In order to accelerate this cell renewal we use a deeply hydrating crème-based mud, containing a natural sun dried rose clay extracted from the Provence region of France.  Expect a total sensory journey with this treatment as you surround your entire skin in this blissful hydrating cocoon. We even named one of our massage rooms after one of the ingredients …Bois de Rose.

Liz Belford