Where did the business name ‘Rosewater’ come from?


As we approach our 19th year in business in downtown Oakville and continue to ‘spa on’ into our 20th year I thought our readers might be interested or curious about knowing the origins and derivation of our company’s name.


20+ years ago, in the preliminary stage of writing my business plan it became crystal clear to me that in order to be a credible and authentic spa there had to be some type of water therapies in our offerings that would play an integral role in our services.  I needed that word ‘water’ in the name.

At the same time we have seen a proliferation of spas that have popped up everywhere so it was important to differentiate ourselves from the pack.


Through a process of elimination I came upon the words ‘rose water’ which has been used since ancient times as an astringent in skin care, in nutrition and as a source of perfume.  The actual process of making rose water is through steam distillation.

As soon as I said the word ‘rose water’ out loud I fell in love with this name and at that point my business plan took flight and the name became ‘Rosewater Spa of Oakville.’

Liz Belford