Caring for Hands and Feet of All Ages!

It’s summer… and that means your grandkids may be spending some quality time with you! Ready for something really special? Bring your prince and princess to Rosewater Spa of Oakville or Rosewater Spa of Burlington for a memorable manicure and pedicure this summer and create an experience they will remember long after summer’s done. Many of our Aestheticians have children of their own – so they’re experts at making children feel special.

When is the best time to introduce youngsters to manicures and pedicures and the concept of caring for oneself? The moment they realize they have nails! Tweens, teens and those in-between deserve a visit to Rosewater Spa. We’ll treat them royally, and you’ll be the best Grandma and Grandpa EVER!

Book their manicure or pedicure today. Remember to mention their age when making the appointment; and while you’re at it, book an appointment for yourself too. But you don’t have to tell us your age unless you really want to!